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You're tired and frustrated, you've tried different diets, exercise, and going to a family physician for help.

 Does this sound like you?...

  • You want to feel healthier
  • Your goal is to become healthy
  • You have no idea what steps to take?

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I can help!

Hi my name is Kim Brideson. I am a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and a professionally trained cook.

I'm here to help you!

Together we can figure out and address your health.

Take a look around. Check out my blog (you can find tips, articles, and yummy recipes!) grab a FREE gift, or schedule a FREE appointment to chat with me!

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Are you ready to take a step towards a better and healthier you?

I want to help you achieve your health goals.

Whatever your goal(s) may be-let's chat about them and see if we are a good fit!

Customized meal plans, what to eat each day of the week, pasta noodles, mushrooms, tomatoes, citrus fruit, limes, mint, walnuts, filberts and basil.

Custom Meal Plans

Glowing Skin Programs

Custom Meal Plans

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Delicious recipes, blog articles and more (including a beautiful bowl of cold ice cream, a rose gold spoon, on a marble table).


Glowing Skin Programs

Custom Meal Plans

Check out my blog to find delicious recipes, tips, and much more!

Acne and glowing skin programs, how to get better and healthier skin the right way. What is it worth for you?

Glowing Skin Programs

Glowing Skin Programs

Glowing Skin Programs

Struggling with acne? Check out the Eat Pretty Program below.


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Eat Pretty does not claim to 'treat', 'heal', and/or cure'. Please consult a doctor before taking any advice, or attempting a new health regime by Eat Pretty. The information provided is for learning purposes, which doesn't not always apply to every one. Thank you for your understanding.

-Kim Brideson, RHN