Facial Acne Guide 101

Acne on certain areas of the face

Your go to guide to facial acne!

Tired and frustrated because you'e tried everything and NOTHING has made your acne better?

Prescription pills and electrical zapping devices are NOT the answer.

Find out why you are experiencing acne on your face and learn how to deal with it.

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1 Day Glowing Skin Meal Plan

Meal plan, menu

Stuck on figuring out what to eat for glowing skin? 

No worries, I've got you covered!

I created a 1 Day Meal Plan complete with recipes for you to enjoy!

This is just a sample of what to expect from the Eating Pretty Program and the Eating Pretty Cookbook.

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I am Kim Brideson, RHN creator of the Eating Pretty Program!


I help women get glowing skin WITHOUT the use of:

-prescription pills

-expensive creams or lotions

-electrical zapping devices

Let's make this your last step to glowing skin!